There are many kinds of insurance including auto insurance, personalized insurance and home insurance, and the term insurance is used as a contract which is between a person or a policy holder and the company that is providing the insurance and this contract maintains the fact that a person will put a cover on some percentage if the person losses.

The means of getting protection from any financial loss is what insurance is about and it is used as a form of being assured that if any financial loss happens the individual who has been insured is paid some percentage and that the person is hedged from the management of risks.

The company at that does insurance is termed as the insurance carrier, insurance company or an insurer and any entity or individual who purchases insurance is a policyholder and the transaction of insurance is all about the assumption of some guarantee for some small loss.

The loss might be financial or not but it should be in terms of finance since the person who is insured has the interest of insurance that exists in the relationship that preexists and also the possession and the insurance company provides the insurance policy as a contract which puts in the circumstances and conditions where the financial compensation may be provided in case of a loss that happens to be.

Other insurance may be comprehensive and the personalized insurance covers a person's life and there are also other kinds of insurance that covers, personal accidents, loss of life, medical cover as well as property and many people have also bought insurance that covers education for their children as well as the family.

 The first insurance was started in 1680 and covered marine where ships which carried cargoes to various places were insured just in case they had problems at sea or if the cargo went band to vagaries of nature and many ship owners took the contract to underwrite many ventures.

The amount of payment depends on what the insurance is about and also on severity and frequency of the occurrence of the loss and for the insurer to be compensated it also depends on the characteristics of the event of the loss and many businesses are covered as financial intermediary but the person insurers are coved as the self in case of potential loss in the future.

 Anchorage auto insurance at covers diverse exposures such definite loss, automobile accidents, occupational diseases, accidental loss, large loss, injurious conditions, and the insurance premiums fees depends on what is actually being covered depends on what is termed as affordable premiums so that both the insurer and the insurance company may not go at a loss when compensating and when the premium is being paid.